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Project Management

A Project Management tool should ideally be suited to handle not just the management of the project, but a place where everyone who is related to the project goes to see what is going on, or to work with the tasks, lanes, sprints, and projects.  Ideally, a Project Management tool should include Task Management, Help Desk Management, Project Management, Project Accounting, Request Management, Diagram Management (documentation), Database Diagrams (documentation), Failure Analysis, and more.


  • Multiple Projects
  • Kanban Project Board
  • Multiple Tasks Per Project
  • Multiple Sprints Per Project
  • Multiple Tasks Per Sprint
  • Failure Analysis
  • Help Desk Functions
  • Accounting
  • Request Management
  • Diagram Support (Software and Database)
  • Release Management
  • Estimates
  • Task and Assignment Management (Individuals see their assigned tasks)
  • Can support any number of people accessing the projects
  • Staff Assignments to Projects
  • Full Role based security management

For $100 per year per person, you can have a great way to manage both Projects and the things that are used to support the projects.


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